Supporting Veterans and First Responders

Bringing Horses and People Together

While one of the focuses of Ripple Ranch is to help Veterans and First Responders, we want these benefits to extend to anyone who may need them. This includes all medical professionals, for example, those who work in difficult specialties like oncology. We also want to include those working in law enforcement, frontline workers, and anyone who could find comfort in the majestic nature of equines of all varieties.

Due to the global pandemic, health workers have been under tremendous strain working tirelessly to combat COVID-19 for over a year. Recently, we had nurses who have been working at COVID-19 vaccination sites visit Ripple Ranch and they donated supplies needed to our herd. They also spent the day relaxing, grooming, and spoiling the horses and donkeys.

Equine Therapy is one of the methods recommended for people who work in high-stress environments that can lead to PTSD and other mental health conditions due to the exposure they experience within their careers. Linked below are some of the campaigns and organizations created to help First Responders and Veterans. We will continue to expand that list as we find more helpful organizations that support Veterans and First Responders as well as other Equine Therapy access points.

Laurie (top left), Steven (top right)

COVID-19 Vaccination Site Nurses (bottom)

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