Other Animals On The Ranch

Steven Latino, the founder of Ripple Ranch, has his service dog Thor (right) and his sister Zoni (left). Both were rescued and love to wrestle and play in the backyard. Thor is 2 years old and Zoni just had her first birthday. Thor is a Husky German Shepherd Mix and Zoni is a Husky Australian Shepherd mix

Baby is an inside-only cat who loves pets from anyone as long as they keep petting her. She's almost 15 years old and loves to nap in an otter pose. She was adopted by Beth Latino when she was two months old when she was found abandoned in a Scottsdale warehouse.

Collectively, the residents at Ripple Ranch (Steven, Beth, and Alex) have raised 15 Barred Rock chickens from hatchlings and they are free-range chickens that sometimes take a ride on the horses and donkeys. They're almost 7 months old and are laying nearly 10 eggs a day!

This is our alpha mare Bell, letting two hens hitch a ride after her morning roll on the ground. Check out her profile on the Meet Our Equines tab.

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