Meet Our Equines

Nutmeg (left) and Pixie (right) are the two donkeys at Ripple Ranch and they are in their forever home. Laurie, Wildhorse Ranch Rescue's herd health manager adopted Pixie when she was only a few months old and has hand-raised her since she was a baby. Steven, Ripple Ranch's founder, adopted Nutmeg as soon as he had horse property. Both Laurie and Steven didn't want to separate the two as they came from the same herd and they are two peas in a pod. Each is around 6-7 years old and loves to have their ears scratched. These two wouldn't refuse a juicy orange slice or some peppermint treats and will check your pockets just in case you might be holding out on them.

Gemma is a 7-year-old mare and she was born on New Year's Day. She has a unique hair coloring that is like a brunette ombre with blonde highlights. She is by far our largest horse at Ripple Ranch and she has been co-adopted by Steven and Laurie. She may be expecting a foal in the next six months and we're excited to see if we have a baby next fall. Not only does she possess beauty, but she is also extremely smart and has responded to Parelli Horsemanship methods like a charm. She has taken Cinderella under her wing and helped her build confidence and companionship.

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