Who and What is Ripple Ranch?

Steven Latino, the founder of Ripple Ranch, is a 12-year Army Veteran and ASU Alumni. After his time in the armed forces, he volunteered at Wildhorse Ranch Rescue and fell in love with helping horses. In his desire to build his own organization and help the rescue that introduced him to a new passion, he purchased horse property in San Tan Valley, Arizona where the herd grew from three to twenty-five! After two years of hard work and a lot of planning with our partnering rescue Wildhorse Ranch Rescue, we obtained 100 acres in Ash Fork, Arizona to further help animals in need. Moving to this location not only allows more space to save more equines, but the climate and temperatures are great in those hot summer months.

Laurie, our local herd health manager and one of the leadership members of Wildhorse Ranch Rescue helps us maintain the overall well-being and necessary treatments of each individual horse and donkey. She has been integral as a subject matter expert from a lifetime of experience and with horses and we can't thank her enough! Kudos to her husband Joe who is not only an IT expert, but willing to lend an hand in our efforts to keep operations running smoothly.

Steven's sister, Beth, is a certified EMT-B who worked in the local Arizona EMS system for four years. During her time working on an ambulance, she saw high demands in the area of mental health, especially those who worked alongside her in emergency services. Currently, she is a full-time student pursuing a degree in psychology with a focus on helping veterans and first responders with equine therapy. She sees to the day-to-day operations such as feed, supplements, water, and preparing for vet and farrier visits.

Together, Steven and Beth want to bring First Responders and Veterans together with these horses to provide a healing environment that not only benefits these individuals, but is equally therapeutic for the animals as well. They are also assisted in their daily ranch duties in caring for the animals by Beth's husband Alex.

All media, logos, and content provided by Wildhorse Ranch Rescue have been approved for use by their leadership.

Ripple Ranch is affiliated with and collaborates in tandem with Wildhorse Ranch Rescue as a unified partnership in their goals to provide sanctuary to equines in need.